Human Impacts Institutes Ten Days of Climate Action: Re: Spectré

Anthony Heinz May creates a waterfront, site-specific physical rearrangement of a tree trunk uprooted by Super-Storm Sandy, connecting disaster and the battle between nature and technology. As the sculpture reminds the viewer of computer-image pixelation, May pushes audiences to connect energy use, climate change, and how our actions "rearrange" nature in ways that can result in devastating impacts.


Human Impacts Institutes Ten Days of Climate Action: Zeitgeber

Sara Roer's installation dance piece in Times Square NYC gets us moving to the rhythms of the world that run the movements of everything we depend on--water, air, and even our own bodies. "Zeitgeber", German for "time giver", is an improvisational dance piece that reconnects us urbanites to the very environmental cues that make it all happen in our lives. Roer's powerful piece invites busy commuters to pause and contemplate (or even join in the dance!) the very light or darkness that gives them life and to explore how denial of our connection to the natural world also disconnects us from our vulnerability to the world around us.