'100 Percent' is a black comedy that questions the validity of "truth" and how we choose to ingest information presented as facts. A female weather reporter is lost in a daze, as signs of an impending storm become more prevalent. When she's finally on air to report the weather, a bizarre monologue unfolds.

Meteorologist (lead) : Emily Hinz
Makeup Artist (supporting) : Tami Pharaoh
Jane (VO) : Rebecca Louise Tiernan
Sophie (VO) :  Abbie Richards

Co-Directors : Rebecca Louise Tiernan & Chelsy Mitchell
Producer : Rebecca Louise Tiernan & Chelsy Mitchell
Director of Photography : Emir Fils-Aime
Assistant Camera : Stephen Mondesir
Production Assistant : Amina Gingold
Video Editor : Chelsy Mitchell
Color Correction : Adam P. Kasper
Stylist : Melissa Mitchell
Set Artist : Andrea Smith